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Standard Poodle Puppies

Available puppies: We do not have any available puppies. Our Puppy Wait List is closed.

Planned litters: We will not be breeding/raising any litters in 2023.




Founded in 2019, our breeding program continues to evolve as we establish our goals and work to better our practices. Looking forward, we hope to raise genuine service and therapy prospects as well as family companions who are destined to make an instrumental difference in the lives of their people.

How much money are your puppies?

Please contact us for puppy prices. Prices are never determined by coat colour.


What is included in the purchase of a puppy?

-Veterinary health exam

-Age appropriate vaccines

-Age appropriate dewormer


-CKC registration (limited/non-breeding)

-Sales contract and health warranty

-Transition kibble

-Puppy pack

-Puppy Evaluation Test(APET)

-1 month medical insurance coverage with Trupanion

What is the process to purchase a puppy?

When our Puppy Wait List opens, please fill out the Puppy Inquiry Questionnaire (currently unavailable). Upon review, I will contact you to further discus and answer your questions in detail. If you decide that we are the breeder for you and we feel that one of our puppies may be well suited to your lifestyle, you will be invited to join our Puppy Wait List. 


Where will the puppies be raised?

The puppies will be whelped and raised in our home. As they mature and increase in mobility, the puppies will gain access to multiple new areas, accompany us on offsite adventures and enjoy outdoor activities when the weather permits.


Can I view the puppies in-person?

Yes, families on our Puppy Wait List can meet their puppy of interest in-person or via private video call. We will post regular updates on social media as the litter matures.


Do you dock tails and/or remove dewclaws?

No. Puppies are left natural unless removal is medically necessary.


How do I choose my puppy?

Puppy selections will take place succeeding puppy evaluation test results. Due to our rural location and travel considerations, the majority of selections take place virtually via video or voice calls. Families are welcome to choose their puppy in-person.


Where can I pick up my puppy?

We are located in SW Saskatchewan. Please inquire via phone for an address.

When are the puppies ready to go home?

The soonest that a puppy may be available to go home is at 8 weeks old.

Do you sell your puppies to breeders?

We do not sell breeding rights. However, I may occasionally place a puppy with a trusted breeder as we work together to strengthen the diversity of our programs. 

What health screening and veterinary care do the parent dogs receive?

All of our mature dogs will have had their hips screened(we adhere to the appropriate stud and bitch pairing advice offered by the attending PennHIP certified veterinarian), genetic health testing(PawPrint Genetics), UC Davis diversity testing, an OFA eye exam by an ACVO Ophthalmologist and an OFA cardiac exam by an ACVIM cardiology board certified veterinarian prior to their first breeding. Our dogs partake in veterinary wellness exams, vaccination/titre testing and are kept current on parasite prevention. Our females are seen by a veterinarian before every single breeding. We are a participant in the ICB Hip Dysplasia project(our litters are raised on carefully designed traction mats that are under development. Learn more here and on the ICB Hip Dysplasia Project FB group).


Do you title your dogs?

Our poodles participate in the sport of Trick Dog. Our mature dogs will have achieved their CKC recognized DMWYD novice, intermediate, advanced, expert and champion trick dog titles prior to breeding.


Can I see photos of your dogs and past litters?

We have plenty of photos posted on our facebook page that are organized into albums.

A note about coat colour:

The breed standard for coat colour of a Canadian Kennel Club poodle is a coat of any solid colour. Though parti, brindle, phantom and sable poodles are currently register-able, they cannot compete in a CKC conformation show as their multi-coloured coat is a disqualification(the poodle breed standard defines what is eligible to compete in the conformation ring). However, multi-coloured poodles can participate in many other CKC events and earn titles. Multi-coloured poodles registered with the United Kennel Club can compete in UKC conformation events. 

Do you breed the merle pattern?

Though we have raised merle puppies, we are removing the pattern from our breeding program. Merle is a controversial topic in the poodle world and it’s origin within the breed is questionable. The pattern is not known to be naturally occurring in poodles thus it is suspected that the merle gene was introduced by outcrossing to another breed some generations ago. Currently, a merle poodle can be registered with the CKC and represented accordingly on papers. The coat pattern is a DQ and they cannot compete in the conformation ring. Merle poodles are not register-able with the United Kennel Club.

If you are interested in exploring the merle gene in dogs and seeking the most up-to-date information currently available on the topic, I highly suggest joining the Facebook group "Merle - Sine Insertion from Mc to Mh - The Incredible Story of Merle" or visiting their website.

I have more questions, can we chat?

Of course! I’m available for a phone call or an in-person chat(but beware, I can talk dog forever). I am also regularly available via Facebook messenger. I can honestly say that I enjoy the connections I have made with puppy families and I look forward to forming new relationships with similar dog-loving people!



*please inquire for passwords

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